An organizational/planning meeting scheduled for Monday February 25, 6:30-8:00 pm, Boulder Main Library, Flatirons Room*. This meeting will be to discuss and decide on the foundation/operational aspects of the coalition, determine broad policy positions to support, and discuss a service project to be completed in 2019. We will also assign work groups to topics that need further discussion/agreement.

Draft Agenda (90 minutes):

  • Introductions/Statement of Mission (20 min)

  • Current State of Affairs of Outdoor Recreation in Boulder (10 min)

  • Coalition Sign-On Agreement: (15 min)

    • Organization or individual agreement to adhere to basic tenets of the coalition. What do Boards need to approve?

  • Coalition Operating Agreement Provisions: (15 min)

    • We will discuss and decide on how we will operate the coalition

  • List Sharing Agreement: (5 min)

    • We will discuss on how we would share pertinent coalition information to and between our respective membership/constituency

  • Policy: (15 min)

  • Stewardship Event: (5 min)

    • Initial discussions on a community service project to be completed in 2019

  • Wrap up and final questions (5 mins)

Again, thank you for attending and I hope to see you at our next meeting!