Boulder Public Lands Coalition (BPLC) Charter Agreement (PDF)

Boulder Public Lands Coalition is a county-wide partnership that serves as a platform for members to coordinate their efforts to protect public lands and to ensure these places can be experienced in a meaningful and sustainable manner through stewardship and advocacy activities.

When anglers, backcountry skiers, bird watchers, climbers, coaches/trainers, dog walkers, gravel & road cyclists, hikers, horseback riders, junior rangers, land managers, local bicycle shops, mountain bicyclists, non-profit advocacy organizations, outdoor equipment and clothing manufacturers, retailers, para-gliders, regional trail advocates, stroller parents, trail builders, trail runners, and walkers speak with one voice, people, especially policymakers, listen. Our collective voice increases the leverage our community can apply to local decisions affecting public lands and recreation. By connecting at the local level, the human & horse powered community can drive better policy creation and make sure it is implemented in a way that reflects the conservation and recreation values of our community.

BPLC connects local knowledge, sensibilities and priorities and enhances all of the members’ policy, advocacy and organizational capacities. This connection empowers the human & horse powered outdoor recreation community and enables its members to pursue common goals more effectively.

What we will do:

  • Share and exchange information about:

    • Public lands in Boulder, Colorado and the human and horse powered outdoor recreational pursuits that these places support;

    • Relationships with land managers and policy makers that members have at the local level; and

    • Opportunities at the local level to shape and implement policies that relate to conserving and experiencing public lands in Boulder.

  • Use shared information to collaborate on joint advocacy, policy development and implementation, education, communication and relationship building efforts at the local level.

  • Present a unified voice and resources from the human and horse powered recreation community on relevant conservation and recreation issues affecting public lands.

What we will not do:

  • Tell each other what to do;

  • Interfere with each other’s respective missions or internal memberships; or

  • Use the coalition for reasons other than a common platform to support opportunities to work together.

How we will do this:

  • Each member organization will designate one liaison and an alternate;

  • Open Boulder’s community organizer will be the initial coordinator for the group, responsible for convening BPLC on a regular basis (quarterly);

  • The regular meetings will be held with the members of BPLC and with key decision makers, as necessary, and will serve as the setting for the partnership to identify opportunities to collaborate and to make progress towards its goals; and

  • Liaisons will keep their respective organizations updated and briefed on the work of BPLC.

  • Primary communication will be email and a blog,

Member Criteria:

BPLC will include conservation-minded, authentic representatives of the human and horse powered user community in Boulder, Colorado. The partnership will strive for consensus on the inclusion of new members and on all actions taken as a group.


BPLC presupposes no exchange of financial support between or amongst the members.

Members Agreement:

The undersigned organization agrees to the guidelines outlined above and enters into BPLC as a founding member. The organization’s respective BPLC liaison and alternate will be listed below.

___________________________________, is committed to being a member of the Boulder Public Lands Coalition (d/b/a to be determined), that has been formed to serve as a platform for members to coordinate their efforts to protect public lands and to ensure these places can be experienced in a meaningful and sustainable manner. We are committed to the goals, objectives and strategies that have been or will be established and agree that our organization will not work to undermine the coalition’s goals or objectives. We agree to dedicate time for coalition meetings, calls, planning, and engaging in Coalition activities. As a member of the Coalition, our organization agrees to:

  • Appoint a person and alternate who will represent our organization

  • Attend Coalition meetings

  • Share relevant information with the Coalition

  • Share information with our supporters, members, and staff

  • Participate in Coalition activities

  • Follow Coalition policies adopted for participation in the Coalition

By signing onto this Coalition agreement, our organization agrees to allow its name to be used in public statements as a member of the Boulder Public Lands Coalition.







Liaison name:


Alternate Liaison: