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good governance


Open Boulder’s governance vision? A city that harnesses the ideas and concerns of people who are often too busy with life to engage politically – working people, students, seniors, families, and others –and is responsive to what the majority of its residents want.

As a data-driven agent of change, Open Boulder will use forums, panel discussions, surveys, Q&A events, and social media to measure citizen concerns and communicate those concerns to decision makers. Open Boulder has committed to an open source, citizen-centric approach that emphasizes government transparency, collaboration and accessibility.

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access to open space


Environmentalism and active outdoor recreation go hand in hand. Many of us actively use Open Space and Mountain Parks to hike, climb, run, bike and walk our dogs, and we value the ability to experience nature so close to an urban environment. We gladly pay open space taxes, but our local government does not always value active recreation. In response to increasing use, land managers often implement further restrictions rather than expanding opportunities for visitors to recreate responsibly.

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