Open Boulder Call to Action: Community Connections and Inclusion

“Together, we build a community of stewards and seek to find our place in open space.” OSMP tagline

Topic & Messaging:

  • Connecting youth to nature

    • High School teams foster future trail stewards, they need to view City public lands as friendly to their chosen recreational activity.

  • Protecting cultural and scenic resources

    • Create recreational opportunities on less sensitive open space to disperse users

    • Trails that are interesting keep users confined to the tread, we support  modern trail design that is both fun and sustainable

    • Dog access allowed at dispersed properties

  • Encouraging connections with nature that reduce stress and improve well-being

    • Help get users out of cars by creating better community connections to trails South (badly needed) and North. Remodel Boulder Valley Ranch sooner rather than later.

  • Encouraging social equity and cultural diversity

    • Include bike racks at trailheads

    • Encourage public transportation to stop at popular trailheads

  • Fostering new ways of learning to enjoy and protect our environment

    • Meet the kids where they are…on mountain bikes! Encourage kids using bikes to explore public lands in their backyard