Access to Public Lands is Key to Coloradans…

Access to Public Lands is Key to Coloradans…


boulder public lands COALITION

who we are

The Boulder Public Lands Coalition is an informal group of people and organizations that voluntarily participate in the development of shared support for mutual goals. Our proposed overarching goal is to maintain and improve quality of life around Boulder by partnering to protect access and make progress on the enjoyment and stewardship of public lands, public assets, and public rights-of-way (roads) around Boulder.

The Boulder Public Lands Coalition is not a legal entity. We don’t formally bind our members to any policy. In the case of criticism, dissent, disagreement, minority positions, or ignorance of complex and complicated topics; the coalition pursues civil discourse between parties in order to advance the collective understanding of those issues.

The BPLC seeks to partner with peer entities including governments, environmental organizations, and land managers in order to find collaborative ways to maintain and improve quality of life in Boulder, especially uses endemic to the area that include access to activity on public lands.

Establishing & organizational documents

We based the charter agreement on the Outdoor Alliance, a national outdoor coalition. The operating and list sharing agreements are agreed upon documents.


Policy agenda for the coalition:

  1. A recommendation for the City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks Master Plan

  2. Support of Community Cycles, Cyclists 4 Community, and Boulder Mountainbike Alliance's recommendations to the Boulder County Transportation Master Plan update

  3. Support of the SHIFT Principles for Advancing Outdoor Recreation and Conservation as BPLC’s guiding principles