Boulder is at a fork in the trail…

Boulder is at a fork in the trail…



OUR POSITION statement

How we manage our public lands is currently being discussed and debated in order to develop a 5/10/20-year Master Plan for OSMP (view the draft plan & Open Boulder’s comments). Do we put open space in a glass dome, only to be viewed from afar? Or do we balance the needs of our community for passive outdoor recreation with conservation? Open Boulder’s mission is to connect people to our community’s treasured places in a sustainable manner and to assure that the voices of responsible citizens who enjoy recreating on our public lands are heard.

Open Boulder fully believes that connecting people to our community’s treasured places in a sustainable manner is exactly what we need to do to build support for conservation.

We are concerned that striking a balance between recreational access and habitat protection will be based more on politics and horse trading than good science and modern management strategies. No studies exist that show that any species has been eliminated or severely degraded due to any type of recreational activity on Boulder City open space.


It is our belief that the values of outdoor recreationalists need to be stated explicitly in the master plan:

  • Promote plans, processes and budgets that promote long-term stewardship, excellent infrastructure, and encourage sustainable recreation.

  • Promote and expand recreational opportunities to distribute and balance use more evenly across the system.

  • Base management solutions on the best available data and science as well as monitoring protocols.

  • Maintenance of current open space stock should take precedence over acquisition of new properties. Acquired properties should by default be open, accessible and strategic to connect open space for both recreation and habitat.


The following topics from the Focus Area and Open Boulder’s vision for creating community connections:

  • Connecting youth to nature

    • High School teams foster future trail stewards, they need to view City public lands as friendly to their chosen recreational activity.

  • Protecting cultural and scenic resources

    • Create recreational opportunities on less sensitive open space to disperse users

    • Trails that are interesting keep users confined to the tread, we support modern trail design that is both fun and sustainable

    • Dog access allowed at dispersed properties

  • Encouraging connections with nature that reduce stress and improve well-being

    • Help get users out of cars by creating better community connections to trails South (badly needed) and North. Remodel Boulder Valley Ranch sooner rather than later.

  • Encouraging social equity and cultural diversity

    • Include bike racks at trailheads

    • Encourage public transportation to stop at popular trailheads

  • Fostering new ways of learning to enjoy and protect our environment

    • Meet the kids where they are…on mountain bikes! Encourage kids using bikes to explore public lands in their backyard

Read Open Boulder’s March 30, 2018 OSMP Master Plan position statement here.