Final Draft of Master Plan Completed

OSBT & Planning Board Approve and Recommend to Council

Open Boulder supports the 2019 Open Space & Mountain Parks Draft (final) Master Plan. OSMP staff have led a commendable process in engaging the community and using those ideas to create focus areas that define broad management themes for OSMP’s next 10 years.

Open Boulder made comments in support of staff decision making process that utilize good science and best practices. This approach honors the public process and will lead to developing sound management plans to achieve the goals of our community.

Overall this is a solid master plan, but it will impact our community’s interests, and thus Open Boulder will continue to champion that:

  • New acquisitions that are strategically important to fulfill OSMP Charter provisions, including the potential for new trail connections

  • Decision-making based on sound science and best practices

  • Allowing additional passive recreational access public lands currently closed under OSMP’s purview and spreading use out among low use areas

  • Encouraging passive recreation for the health and well-being of our community!

Members of the public can still share comments on the final draft at the City Council meeting on September 3, with a public hearing on the Final Master Plan.