Master Plan Update

Next Opportunity for Public Comment July 31

What We're Still Concerned About...

Open Boulder made recent a public comment supporting the initial draft Master Plan at the OSBT Special Meeting held June 11. Subsequent to that meeting, Open Boulder offered the following comments for consideration in the final document to be released mid-July:

  • Please highlight edits and substantive changes from the initial draft MP document from the final document to preserve transparency in the process. [These changes, stemming from City Council and OSBT Special Meetings, are important to consider for good governance purposes.]

  • Don't be tempted to weigh the final report down with endless background history and prior planning documents. As most people (community, staff, and policymakers) will access this document electronically use hyperlinks to pertinent resource materials and, when appropriate, infographics, graphs, charts and tables.

Next Steps...

Members of the public will have final opportunities to share comments on the revised draft plan, due out in mid-July, at the following meetings:

  • Special OSBT meeting on July 31 with a public hearing on the revised draft plan;

  • Planning Board meeting on August 1 with a public hearing on the revised draft plan;

  • City Council on September 3 with a public hearing on the revised draft plan.

Additionally, you can email City Council, OSBT, or OSMP staff:

Emails to the Open Space Board of Trustees and City Council:



Open Boulder previous comments on the OSMP Master Plan can be viewed here & here.