Draft Master Plan Released

Public Comment Due by June 12

What We Think

OSMP has engaged the community and used those ideas to create focus areas and values to define big, broad management themes for OSMP’s next 10 years. Most recently, staff developed a draft Master Plan and released it to the public for comment. In general, Open Boulder is in support of the document and applaud the community, OSMP staff, planning consultants, Open Space Board of Trustees and City Council in developing a sound plan for managing our open space for the future.

What We're Still Concerned About

The Draft Master Plan describes the Outcomes the community wants, the Strategies we've prioritized, but does not presume specific Actions (e.g. management or area plans). Open Boulder will weigh in on Action plan development, such as Integrated Site Projects and how the public process is utilized. Of concern is that previous public process and decisions are reevaluated, reinterpreted or even reversed! Area Plans will be a key issue needing attention from our community if we want to assure public access to public lands.

Open Boulder, along with community leaders and open space advisers, analyzed the plan. Overall this is a solid plan expressing a wide swath of our community's voices. Specifically, the plan will impact our community in the following areas:

  • Dog Off-Leash Restrictions, pp 45-46, 57-58

  • Nighttime-Use Restrictions, p. 36

  • Closing Undesignated (social) Trails, pp. 33-34, 36

  • Increasing Recreation Opportunities, pp. 45-46

  • Additional Biking Opportunities, pp. 45-46

  • Horse Interests, pp. 45, 56

How You Can Help

Between now and June 12, 2019, the main opportunities for public comment on the draft plan include:

  • An online comment form. Comments received through Monday, June 3, will be summarized to inform discussion with the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT) and City Council Tuesday, June 11

  • Comments received June 4 through June 12 will be considered before releasing a second draft of the plan for consideration by OSBT and the Planning Board

  • Community drop-in hours to meet with project staff at the OSMP Hub (2520 55th St):

    • Thursday, May 30, from 4 – 7 p.m.; and

    • Saturday, June 1, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.;

  • Emails to OSMPmasterplan@bouldercolorado.gov

  • Emails to the Open Space Board of Trustees and City Council

  • Public comment at a regular OSBT meeting Wednesday, June 12, 2019