Volunteer for Boulder Boards, Commissions

Every year Boulder looks to fill a variety of seats on the city's advisory boards and commissions — for open space, parks and recreation, transportation, planning and many more — and they're currently accepting applications now through Feb. 15. If you want to be active in shaping our community's future or want to serve in an area that you have a passion for, applying to one of these positions is a great way to do that.

As a former member of the Open Space Board of Trustees, I can attest to how rewarding it is to serve the community. However, as an average citizen and small business owner, I certainly could have benefited from an event like the ones that Open Boulder is hosting, called "Get on Board (or Commission)!" before I applied for the Open Space board.

Attend one or both of these events and you'll learn more about Boulder's boards and commissions directly from people who are currently serving on them, you'll get practical tips on how to apply, and City Council members will be there to give you the real story about how council makes these appointments.

Open Boulder, a local grassroots organization that's dedicated to good governance and responsible stewardship of Open Space, is hosting the first event on Jan. 16 from noon-1 p.m. at the Boulder Public Library and the second on Jan. 31 from 6-8 p.m. at the Alfalfa's Community Room. Both are free and open to the public. Register at: openboulder.org/governance-get-on-board.

Shelley Dunbar