Important Opportunity to Protect Access to Public Land

The workshop on "Responsible Recreation, Stewardship and Enjoyment" focus area for the Master Plan held Monday 11/5 was well attended...but, access to open space still needs your attention.

Please take this online survey (<10 mins) and make sure your vision of public lands is included.

Remember to address issues important to you personally and how you enjoy (or want to enjoy) our public lands.

Issues of concern:

  • Night time access to trails

  • Off trail travel

  • Multi-use trails

  • Dogs on open space

Suggestion: Make a brief statement of how, when, where & why you use currently use OS and what you desire in the future, e.g. I run with my dog at Joder Ranch each morning at 5AM to maintain my health and sanity...I want to see more opportunities to do this on other OS areas in the future!


Additional Information from the Workshop.