Wonderland Lake

Wonderland Lake


What's an ISP?

According to their website, the City of Boulder's Open Space & Mountain Parks is currently developing Integrated Site Projects for Wonderland Lake, Gunbarrel Hill, and the Gebhard property on South Boulder Creek. The ISP process strives to achieve:

  • How best to implement on-the-ground, previously-approved plans

  • Sustain natural areas

  • Improve visitor experiences, operations, services, and programs in the area

  • Address other open space values as outlined in the Boulder City Charter

The goal is to holistically plan for and to have clarity and as much as possible alignment across the community about the “on the ground” actions for an area in order to proceed to the implementation phase.

Why We Care

We believe that previous public process should be honored in future implementation plans, and that sub-area planning is not determining completely new goals. Already, City Council has removed two actions for Wonderland Lake that would have fulfilled educational and recreational goals of the 2016 North Trail Study Area (NTSA)--namely a recreational fishing pier and an access boardwalk to a cattail area.

Next Steps

As of July 1, both Wonderland Lake and Gunbarrel Hill ISPs are open for public comment.

Our View

Wonderland Lake

Open Boulder supports the goals of this ISP to best protect the ecological and scenic integrity of the Wonderland Lake area, improve visitor’s enjoyment, help youth connect with nature, advance goals from approved plans or confirm that existing conditions are in alignment with and meet the goals of approved plans, and, improve the Foothills Nature Center for Junior Ranger, education, and nature programs.

Open Boulder recommendations:

  • Open Boulder supports the NTSA plan that includes both recreation and conservation actions for the Wonderland Lake area.

  • We support infrastructure improvements for the preservation of educational programming.

  • We will continue to work with OSMP staff to assure that previous public process is honored during implementation planning.

Gunbarrel Hill

Open Boulder supports the goals of this ISP to enhance opportunities for access and enjoyment, restore and conserve the high-quality habitats on Gunbarrel Hill, and, partner with the community in planning, design and stewardship efforts.

OB recommendations:

  • OSMP consider utilizing Social Trail P and/or corridor to attain a high quality user experience

  • Maximize the remaining blocks with the new designated Social Trail P to enhance habitat

  • Engage the local community to support the community engagement goal and enhance compliance for habitat and wildlife needs