Wonderland Lake

Wonderland Lake



OUR POSITION statement

Open Boulder supports the North Trail Study Area (NTSA) plan that includes both recreation and conservation actions for the Wonderland Lake area. Additionally, we support infrastructure improvements for the preservation of educational programming.

The Boulder City Council approved the NTSA plan in June 2016 after an in-depth 16-month public process. Implementation of the Wonderland Lake segment of the NTSA is being done through an Integrated Site Project (ISP) process. This ISP is designed to be an iterative community process in which OSMP strives to reach out and seek comprehensive feedback from the community—including the adjacent neighborhoods. There is one more community feedback session planned later this spring tailored to the adjacent neighborhoods.

As part of this ISP process, OSMP will use the community engagement process to hear how they can improve the current Foothills Nature Center, the Wonderland Lake trailhead and update, restore or add structures to support educational opportunities and the operations of the city’s Junior Ranger program. Historically, the Foothills Nature Center and adjacent structures have been used for education programs and to house Junior Ranger crews during the summer. These structures are aging and require updating to meet the current needs of the Junior Ranger Program and other educational opportunities.

Potential changes to these facilities were not part of the NTSA Plan, but OSMP determined that these structures are integral to assessing design improvements for the area and are interconnected with managing access. OSMP has developed preliminary alternatives for them and is seeking community feedback at this time.